Boosting Clinical Trial Recruitment

November 2017

At Client-Pharma, we know that recruiting patients to participate in clinical trials isn’t always easy. There are many barriers that can affect clinical trial recruitment, including the way patients think about clinical trials in the first place. This may be due to incorrect information or a lack of awareness.

What are some ways that clinical trial recruitment can be boosted?

Using a patient-centric approach

A more patient-centric approach could be achieved partially through valuing patients as investors in a clinical trial, keeping them up to date regarding results and developments in order to improve transparency. This would mean that more patients could be made aware of clinical trials, helping to reach a wider variety of patients across multiple backgrounds.

Another focus of patient-centric clinical trials can be to help patients feel as though their clinical trial is focused around them, and could, for example, include patient representatives to ensure patients are reassured that their questions will be answered, and their views are taken into account.

Using a digital approach

A dramatic increase in the use of social media hasn’t gone without impacting patient recruitment. This is because many companies are turning to platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to help increase patient numbers.

Social media can now be used to establish relationships with networks of patients in order to help boost patient recruitment and dispel misconceptions about clinical trials, creating engaging content that will portray a friendlier and more approachable feel to studies around the world.

Reassuring patients

There are many misconceptions about clinical trials in general and about their effectiveness for patients going through a serious illness. This can, again, be due to news stories and the media, or due to the idea that patients may be worried about placebos and may feel as though they will be treated as an illness rather than a person.

Clinical trial professionals can help to mitigate this by reaching out to patients and potential patients by debunking myths about clinical trials, reassuring and educating them on the whole process of clinical trials and why they are important.


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