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09 Oct

How is New Technology Affecting Clinical Trials Services?

Technology is changing the face of clinical trials services, making them faster, less expensive and more accessible to participants around the world. With emerging and evolving software and an ever-growing digital focus, the event of a shift in the way the industry views clinical trial services is just around the corner. It’s important to remember that, with rapid innovations and…
10 Sep

The Future of Clinical Trials – What Can We Predict?

Clinical trials are constantly evolving, with more data being collected in reflection to an increasingly complex environment. New technology, regulations, legislation and reforms in the pharmaceutical sector result in an environment that is always evolving. What does the future hold for clinical trials and what changes can we expect? Siteless Clinical Trials Siteless clinical trials mean that patients can be…
08 Aug

How Will Reforms Change the Landscape of China’s Clinical Trials?

China’s central government have introduced reforms in response to an increasingly challenging regulatory environment. These are likely to benefit medicine access as well as drug development, affecting those looking into China’s pharmaceutical market, which is the second largest in the world. In a long-awaited response to feedback from the local and international pharmaceutical industry, the China State Council released “Opinions…
16 Jul

Best Practices for Successful Clinical Supply

The demands of clinical trial supply are constantly evolving, with the industry moving towards ever-more-elaborate studies and adaptive clinical trial designs. The progressive developments created by such factors can cause challenges for the clinical supply chain; so, when it comes to managing your global clinical supplies, it’s vital to choose a partner who sticks to first principles and understands how…
08 Jul

How Will Brexit Affect Clinical Trials?

Now that the UK has triggered Article 50, an important topic on many minds is how Britain’s exit from the European Union will affect clinical trials. Could Brexit benefit clinical trials? It is believed by some that the EU clinical trials directive has slowed the pace of research Britain has performed over the years and that, as a result of…